Tuesday, January 26, 2010

twenty three

tuesday january 26.2010

shade cardigan
shade mustard cap sleeve
plaid dress from walmart
purple tights
steve madden boots

so because my skin photographed the same color as my cap sleeve, i had to alter the picture funny. i need to go tanning. i do not care about the skin cancer. okay so i do, but i really hate being so pasty white! oh well. today as i was in the shower i was so excited about the prospect of shaving my legs when this is all over! i mean for real! i have not shaved in month and it will be a monumental day to do that. i might even have to blog about it. and yes, my dress is from walmart of all places! best $12 i ever spent.


monday january 25.2010

shade cardi
shade box pleat dress
shade mustard printed cap
purple tights
steve madden boots

ignore my crazy face. i am a little ridiculous at times. i have realized that i need some new clothes. when you are taking pictures of your outfits daily it is a little depressing to realize that you wear some of the same things all the time. if only i had an endless supply of money to buy all that i want. that would be nice. the nicest lady told me that my color combination was very lovely. she loved what i was wearing. only 5 more days after today and i will be done with the purple tights! i can't believe that february is next week! where did january go? i have been so caught up with my blog that i haven't had time to enjoy 2010! well i guess that is what vacations are for right?

21...my blog can drink.

sunday january 24.2010

gap cardi
dress from target
yellow belt old navy
purple tights
steve madden ruffle pumps

so today we had stake conference. i didn't really know and still showed up for sacrament at our normal time of 11:00. well guess what? stake conference started at 10:00. i was only an hour late, don't worry about it. but i did look pretty cute. i am fully aware that this is a total repeat, but i slept over at my sisters and i needed a guaranteed ensemble. tonight i colored carrie's hair and what an adventure that was. i used a color i was so not familiar with and it splashed all over me and my apartment. awesome.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

20...my blogs not a teenager anymore

saturday january 23.2010

new shade drape front cardigan!
j.crew top
shade a.line skirt
purple tights
steve madden boots
therapy necklace
target ring

so last night it snowed like 1 foot. i really thought that we would get away with no snow this winter. char luckily told me to move my car into her garage. i had to dig it out before moving it. i was so ticked off. stupid snow. i am convinced that the snow made work really slow. the best part of the day was coming to my sister's house to watch her kiddies. oh and 6 year old halle took this picture from the stairs. she is great.

i still haven't thought of anything for february yet. this is a really big decision that i haven't made yet. i can't think right now.


friday january 22.2010

shade varsity cardigan
shade v.neck
skirt bp
purple tights
grey suede boots
silver elephant necklace from kc

today at work we tried on cardigans when we were slow. great day. i've decided i really like my hair. cut and color. i'm cool.


thursday january 21.2010

cardigan from target a million years ago
scoop neck tee from old navy
denim skirt
purple tights
gray suede boots

day off! wahoo. remember how i love my days off. good news i dyed my hair. it looks great. i got to chill with my good friend jobi and her mom. good times always with them. today i also read an article in people magazine about heidi montag about her 10 plastic surgeries in 1 day! 1 freaking day! what? what? so ridiculous! she is the most superficial and crazy girl i have ever seen. she looks ugly. oh well. poor her.

7 + 7 + 3 = 17

so for some reason my computer hates me and won't let me post the picture from day 17...lame. i am sorry to disappoint!